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The hidden treasure.

Recently one of our clients submitted for checking two very similar necklaces. Each necklace had three strands of 7 - 7.5 mm drilled beads and white metal clasp, set with violet red Round Mixed cut stones,  white Round Brilliant cut and Single cut stones. One of the necklaces needed to be repaired (had two ripped strands and some of the beads are missing). The client wanted to know the nature of the stones in both jewelries and if they have any value. Metal parts were intended to be refined.
After checking both necklaces thoroughly with high magnification and advanced sophisticated equipments  we found out, that the white stones are natural diamonds, color range was F – H with clarity of VS. The violet red stones were all natural Burmese rubies and the beads were all natural pearls.
A further investigation of the metal parts revealed a Hallmark stamps on both items. The stamps look like a "Horse head" and the letter "W". This stamped gold was marked in Austria following the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Empire between 1922 - 1925 years, in addition to a fineness number, a town letter was included in the mark and the letter "W" means, it was made in Vienna. "585" stamp can also be found on each jewelry.
After the inspection, the owner of both necklaces changed his mind about refining the items. One of them will be sold as an antique necklace in the next jewelry auction.
We believe it is worthwhile to check old jewelry before making a decision, although some of them might look tarnished of old they could be more valuable sold as antique jewelry, then breaking them a part and refining the metals and selling the stones separately.
Check what you have before you destroy and avoid sorrow or financial loose.

The two necklaces are very similar.

The item set with thirty three natural diamonds with total estimated weight of 1.30 carat and
sixteen natural violet red rubies with total estimated weight of 0.60 carat. Necklace made of one
hundred and fifty six natural pearls.

One of the ripped strands.

One of the branches is missing on the ripped necklace.

Austria (W = Vienna) 1922 -1925

The connection of the string is protected with metal wire wrapped around the string.

Under UV light we notice the strong red fluorescence of the rubies and blue, yellow and green color
fluorescence of some diamonds.

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